Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Great British Beer Festival staffing page!

We ask that you read all the information below before completing your application form, and again before contacting us as most of your questions should be answered below. The Frequently Asked Questions are organised so you should be able to find what you need quickly. Please note, we both have professional jobs in addition to our CAMRA roles so need to use our volunteer time in the most efficient way possible in order to help you to the best of our abilities. Therefore, please only contact us if the information below doesn’t address your issue. Thanks! Liz and Gary

If your question is not answered above, then please contact us using the form below (or email us directly at for general queries or for accommodation queries), and we'll get back to you shortly.

If you have an urgent query you can also contact us by phone: 07731 946820 for general queries or 07940 356738 for accommodation queries.

How do I volunteer?

Simply fill in the online application form or request a paper/PDF copy from the reception staff at CAMRA HQ. Please note that there are minimum work requirements for open sessions, typically 6-hour blocks. Once you submit your online application form you should receive an automatic email confirmation. All offers to volunteer are accepted, unless you hear from us directly to say otherwise.

Do I have to be a CAMRA member?

You have to be a current member of CAMRA or an EBCU affiliated association. EBCU members will need to complete a paper/PDF form and post/email it to us.

Do you provide accommodation?

Yes, we can provide an accommodation allowance of up to £45+VAT per person per night subject to minimums of 8-hours work during set-up/take-down periods or 10-hours work during open sessions per night claimed. Alternatively, if working a minimum of 3 days, you can request free accommodation in university halls of residence subject to the same minimum hours per day described above.

Do you cover transport costs?

No, sorry.

Can I choose which area I want to work?

You can request your preferred work areas on the staffing form. We try to accommodate all requests but some days you may be asked to help out in a different area if that team are short staffed. Please be courteous to our allocation volunteers if you are asked to do this, we are trying to make sure the festival is adequately staffed so we can open to the public. Be prepared to give a new work area a try, you may find you really like it!

Why does the form have some setup and takedown days highlighted?

On Thursday/Friday of setup, and Tuesday of takedown, we only need selected staff who have a particular role or skill. We ask you not to volunteer for these days, unless the manager in your area of work has asked you to do so. First time workers should not volunteer for these days as we will not have suitable work for you to do.

What halls of residence are you using this year?

We are using Roehampton and some new accommodation at Imperial North Acton this year.

When will I find out which halls you have put me in?

You will be informed of your accommodation when you arrive on site. The only exceptions to this are people arriving for Thursday/Friday of setup (who will be contacted the week before), or anyone who will be arriving late at night after the staffing office is closed (in which case, phone/email us the day before). If you bring a car you will be allocated to Roehampton halls as there is no parking at Imperial North Acton.

How do I get to the halls?

During the festival open period (ie Tuesday to Saturday) there will be coaches at the end of the night. You can buy tickets for the coaches from the Staffing Office. Costs are £1.50 per night or £6 for 5.

How do I check in at the halls?

The halls have 24-hour check-in desks so you can get your room key once you arrive there, even if it is late at night; note that we will have the keys for Roehampton, unless you have asked us to leave them with the Roehampton security desk. If you are working at the festival before you check in, you can leave luggage in the Staffing Office.

How can I book halls accommodation if I don’t want to give my card details online?

You can email your details to, or you can send a cheque in the post.

When can I make my accommodation claim?

Claims can be submitted once you have paid your bill and worked the necessary hours. You can submit your claim on site or after the festival. We can pay by cash, cheque or BACS.

How do I change my hours?

You can go back into your form and amend it yourself then re-submit it. You do not need to ask us to do this.

How do I cancel?

You can go back into your form and cancel it yourself. You do not need to ask us to do this.

I thought I had filled a form in but I am not on your system or the form hasn’t updated my changes?

Did you receive an email confirmation? Did you remember to click the submit button?

I can’t remember what hours I volunteered for?

Your hours will be shown on your email confirmation. If you can’t find that, just go back into your form and have a look!

How do I know I have been accepted?

You should receive an email confirmation stating we have received your staffing form. All offers to volunteer are accepted, unless you hear from us directly to say otherwise.

When will I receive further information?

Staff information packs are sent out mid/late July. We can’t send them any earlier as there are always last-minute changes either from our end or from the venue. If you haven’t heard anything by the end of July then do contact us using the form further below. In the meantime you can keep up to date by joining the GBBF Staff Facebook group. This is a closed group so you won’t be admitted until you have submitted a staffing form. Also please note that if your Facebook name doesn’t match your staffing form name then we may not realise who you are, so maybe add a note saying who you are with your Join request.

What time should I arrive on site?

We recommend arriving quarter of an hour before your shift is due to start so you have time to sign in, get your staff badge, find where you are working and maybe grab a soft drink from the Volunteer’s area.

What should I bring with me?

Essentials are your CAMRA/EBCU membership card, sensible footwear (no open toed sandals please) clean clothes and a smile! Other useful things are reusable cutlery and reusable coffee cups/water bottles.

I can’t remember what hours I volunteered for?

Just go back into your form and have a look!

Can I bring my car?

There is NO parking around Olympia so we do not recommend you bring a car unless you have to. There is parking available at Roehampton for people using the halls accommodation there.

Can I cycle to Olympia?

Yes but we cannot store bicycles on site, they must be left in the cycle racks at Olympia station.

How do I get into Olympia?

Entrance is via West Hall main entrance through K Gate - this is where the Staffing Office will be situated. You will need your CAMRA/EBCU membership card to avoid the need to be escorted by our stewards to the staffing office.

Where do I go once I am inside?

Come to the staffing office to sign in and get your staffing badge, job allocation etc. The Staffing office is upstairs, in West Hall.

What do I need to do each day?

You must sign in - sign in sheets are in the staffing office on setup/takedown days but on the boards outside Tuesday to Saturday. You only need to come into the staffing office if you need your staffing badge, a job allocation or accommodation.

If your question is not answered above, then please contact us using the form below (or email us directly at, and we'll get back to you shortly.

If you have an urgent query you can also contact us by phone: 07731946820